Ensuring project safety

Each project binds its wallets to the engine it is running on. When the engine is provided by a third party, it always involves a certain risk. We understand this point and want to ensure the full safety of your funds.
If the project doesn’t work correctly, you can see it at the testing stage and solve the issue. But, regarding the security of funds, it won’t work out that way. The administrator should be sure that everything will be fine with the project funds. Please read the brief instructions for securing the project:

  • Perhaps this is obvious, but it’s better to remind you that you should never keep large amounts of money in the project’s e-wallets. As soon as the cashflow is more stable, it is best to move up to 90% of the funds to the wallets, to which only you have access, and leave only the funds necessary for payouts. If needed, you can always return some funds to the project wallets.
  • Since the script has the ability to send API requests and partially manage the project wallets, the best solution to ensure security against unforeseen «hijackings» is to disable the API for almost the entire lifetime of the project. Enable API only while making the payments, for example, turn in on for 5 minutes at 18:00 every day, in order to process the payouts, and re-disable the access afterwards. This method guarantees the security of funds in 99% of cases. If the project offers instant payments, this option is not suitable for you. In this case, just store small amounts on the wallets.
  • In case you notice a strange activity in the project, such as: unusual logs, thousands of attempts to create a deposit or withdraw funds from the same IP, — always immediately report this information to our customer support. Our security specialists will always react as quickly as possible to any threat and, if necessary, protect your project from potential intruders.

Always keep your eyes open!

Key advantages of the Hyipium script
  • Open source and full customization. It is possible to fully manipulate both the visual part of the project and all the logic that is responsible for processing user data. An exception is some root parts of the script, which are stored in an encrypted form, to ensure the copyright protection.
  • Easy integration with new projects. The architecture of the engine is initially focused on the speed of project integration, with absolutely no loss in quality.
  • Orientation to high loads. In order to achieve high-speed page loading, an intelligent query caching system is used, as well as some other elements embedded in the architecture of the product, giving the big advantage for large projects.
  • Automated daily backups of all data. Creating backup copies will provide additional security for the project and will protect you from data loss.
  • Full logging of all data. Whatever happens within the project, any user action will be recorded and stored in your database. At the same time, the database is rather thin and does not consume much space.
  • Automated cleaning. Websites may often fail because of excessively accumulated volume of data. We took this point into account. The engine accumulates data in order to make it more convenient to manage the project. But, if necessary, it automatically cleans itself, thereby monitoring the free space on the server.
  • Comfortable and modern administrative panel. Not every engine nowadays can be called really simple and pleasant to work with, but ours can, since everything was originally created for the convenience of project management.
  • Convenient charts with detailed information. You can get detailed information about the attendance of the project, replenishments and withdrawals of funds, user activity and so on.
  • Clever captcha. It shows up only if there is a suspicion that requests are bot-generated.
  • Full data management from the Admin panel. Users, deposits, transactions, settings and everything that you could imagine can be configured via the administrative panel.
  • Site data management system. FAQ, feedback, project rules and other pages can be freely added and edited directly from the administrative panel. This information will be automatically displayed on the site. Such a solution can really save your some nerves, in case your copywriter accidentally made a few grammar mistakes in the text, the project is already running and the programmer appears to be out of reach.
  • Easy translation of the site into different languages. You no longer need to browse the files and change something manually or ask your programmers for help. Everything is done in one click straight from the administrative panel.
  • The smart JOB system. Instead of using outdated systems like cron, the engine forms a tasks list for the future at the moment of deposit creation, including accruals, deposit closing date, and so on. All that is connected with this deposit is stored in the database. In case your server is disconnected during the accruals, thanks to such approach, as soon the server is restored the project will continue accruals from the place where it stopped. In case a task could not be fulfilled, you can always see the entire list in the special tab in the administrative panel.
  • Unlimited number of the affiliate program levels. If you wish, you can make an unlimited number of levels and adjust the percentage of profit for each of them, and with the help of our developers you can make exclusive and unique programs.
  • Full automation of funds replenishments and withdrawals. Each input of funds is fixed automatically; withdrawals can work instantly, or with the confirmation by the administrator.
  • And one more important thing: support provided by our programmers. If you need help, our programmers and other staff are always at your disposal.
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